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Pioneering the Future of CVs with Our AI CV Maker.

Born from a passion for empowering career professionals on their career journeys, Vamp was founded with a simple yet powerful mission: to revolutionize and enhance the way CV’s are built.

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Our mission

Our mission is to help ambitious talents showcase the competencies required to land their desired jobs

We do this by getting them equipped, enriched, and ready for the world of work.

Our vision

Our vision is to bridge the gap between ambitious talents and their desired job opportunities

We believe a richly rewarding career is achievable by helping talents put their best foot forward.

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Why choose Vamp?

Vamp is your easy-to-use CV builder that boost your job application competitiveness, get you noticed by recruiters and ultimately helps you land your desired job faster.


AI- Powered CV Creation

Elevate your job application with Mimi’s assistance.


Recruiters Approved Template

Recruit smarter with our approved template


Efficient CV Building

Craft a stand CV efficiently to land your dream job


AI-Powered Suggestion

Boost productivity effortlessly


AI-Powered Bullet Points

Generate concise and impactful summaries


Multiple Download Options

Efficiently download multiple files with our feature.


Easy to use Dashboard

Simplify management with our easy to use dashboard

The CV Builder that helps professionals land interviews with Microsoft, Google, TikTok, Total, ENI, BP, Reckitt and more

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Discover firsthand the transformative impact our resume solutions have had on candidates vying for positions in renowned companies.

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There was a question where they asked me to list 6 of my baddest career achievements. When the CV came back I asked myself if I did those things because the presentation was more professional. The wording was intentional. This CV is on fire!


Busola O

Brand Manager


Oyin I got a job Brand Manager role, I could not sleep all night. I keep thinking, who would have thought? Me work for a multinational? As manager? Take your flowers. That CV has been opening doors; it's been getting me recognized, even if I did not get some of the jobs I applied for.



Project Manager


It won't be nice if I don't give you this feedback in as much as I want it very private. I recently got a job in my project management field in a bank I resumed last week Thanks for helping rewrite my resume Great job to you and your team.


Efe S



This CV is mine! Well written, aptly highlighting my worth and achievements without appearing false or overly stated. Thank you.

Our Templates are Built for effective ATS compatibility.

Simplifying your job search with precision and impact.

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What is Vamp ?

VampAI is a CV builder powered by Artificial intelligence developed to empower ambitious professionals across the globeby crafting compelling CVs, unlocking their career potential, and securing jobs they love


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Why should I tailor my CV to match each job application?


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